Sunday, March 11, 2007

ubuntu . . . you have to try

Linux operating systems usability has been changed a lot since I started using them in late nineties. It was a pain to even install Linux on a machine, forget using them for daily purposes. Thanks to many flavors of Linux for creating a easy partition tool for installing Linux.

After hearing the entire buzz about Ubuntu Linux, I want to try it and feel the operating system (Linux) for human beings.

Some of the following features I like the best in ubuntu is its vnc support, multi language support, ability to Remote Desktop to a windows machine, IPV6 support,open office2.0 and Keyboard shortcuts.

I wish I could write a lot about the features of ubuntu. As "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" I am going with pictures instead of words.

1.Keyboard Shorcut assigning screen

2. Context menu of a opened item in task bar.

3. Add Remove Applications

4.Synaptic package Manger

5. Accessories

6.Remote Desktop Connection Dialog

7. Remote Desktop Preferences

8.Sound & Video

9. Office (Open Office)

9. Internet

10. Graphics



13.Date and Time Settings

14. User Preferences

15 System Main Menu

16. Places


Saturday, March 10, 2007

RoboCopy to manage files SQL server

Sometimes you would have to manage files using t-sql jobs/packages in sql server, then xp_cmdshell with robocopy can serve the purpose.

I like xp_cmdshell a lot as it can be used to execute various dos Command Line Commands.
Grant Permissions carefully to the users who can run xp_cmdshell as it has the power to get the system details,network details and much more.

Robocopy, or "Robust File Copy" is a tool from Microsoft and is available for licensed windows users in the resource kit(also included in windows vista by default).

One very nice cool feature of this tool is its ability to copy the permissions on the folder(/copyall).

For more info on the parameters of robocopy

Lets jump into the sql ..

DECLARE @SrcFolder varchar(300)
DECLARE @DesFolder varchar(300)
DECLARE @Cmd varchar(1000)

SELECT @SrcFolder = 'C:\tst'
SELECT @DesFolder = 'C:\tst1'
SELECT @Cmd = 'robocopy ' + @SrcFolder +' ' +'"'+ @DesFolder +'"'+ ' ' + '/copyall /b /xx /mir /nc /ns /ndl /nfl /ts /fp'

EXEC master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @Cmd

To run the above xp_cmdshell command , domain account with proper( read /write )permissions on the source and destination folders is required.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why Blogging?

I am really amazed at the time people spend on sharing their experiences and knowledge with everyone all over the world.

Thanks everyone.. !

I also would like to do the same for everyone and is taking the first step to my contribution by creating this blog.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Some Cool Pics from Chicago

With my little photographic skills, I couldn't capture all the beauty of Chicago. But tried to get some of it though . . !

Generic Stored Procedure for Updating different Datatype Columns

Generic Stored Procedure to Update Columns of different datatypes.

userPreferences Table

UserName(varchar) ShowBorder (bit) RecentLinks(int) UserLocation
A 1 4 US
B 0 5 IN

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[UpdateUserPreferences]
@UserPreferenceName Varchar(50),
@UserPreferenceType Varchar(50),
@UserPreferenceValue Varchar(50)
Declare @UpdateSql Varchar(500)

SET @UpdateSql = 'update [tblUserPreferences] Set '+ @UserPreferenceName + ' = Cast('

If (@UserPreferenceType = 'Char' or @UserPreferenceType = 'Varchar')
SET @UpdateSql = @UpdateSql+ '''' + @UserPreferenceValue + '''' + ' As ' + @UserPreferenceType + '(50)) where userName = SYSTEM_USER'
SET @UpdateSql = @UpdateSql + @UserPreferenceValue + ' As ' + @UserPreferenceType + ') where userName = SYSTEM_USER'
EXEC (@UpdateSql)


EXEC UpdateUserPreferences ‘ShowBorder’,’bit’,’0’

EXEC UpdateUserPreferences ‘UserLocation’,’Varchar’,’AUS’

This is not the optimal solution but works on small tables.Above SP also demonstrate the simple use of dynamic sql statements.

freeware open source

Support Small amd open Source Solutions. Appreciate the work and share your work.

These are some of the freewares that I use almost everyday in my life.

Remote Connection
1.Real VNC -
4.Remote Desktop Connection

Spyware Tools
1.Lavasoft Adware
2.Spybot Search & Destroy
3.Windows Defender
4. Spyware Terminator
5. SUPERAntiSpyware
6.Hijack This

Document Viewers
1.Adobe reader 8.0
2.FoxiT Reader

Hot Key Managers

Broken Link Testers
1.Xenu's Link Sleuth -

File Copy Tools
1.RoboCopy - Windows 2003 ResourceKit
2.Syn Toy From Microsoft

Video Players
1.VideoLan (nice stream ing software)
2.Divx Player
3.Al Show Player( Nice Codecs , Some other awesome tools -
4.Real Player

Zip Tools
1. ZipGenius
2.7zip (with Command line - very flexible )
4. IZArc

Password Management

Axsoft RoboForm (very nice integration with internet explorer, 10 passwords for a free version, just 25$ to avoid that)

Renaming Tools
Lupas Rename – Very Handy Tool


Download Managers

DAP – Dowload Accelarator

File Recovery
PC Inspector Smart Recovery

Safe File Deletes

Temp Cleaners
Easy Cleaner
CC Cleaner
G-Lock Temp Cleaner (Some other nice tools

Photo Editing Tools


Networking Tools

CurrPorts (amazing tool to view open ports on a computer)

Disk Writing Tools
CDBurnerXP Pro
Deep Burner –
Free Easy CD DVD Burner

HardDrive Tools
Want files from your old HD moved to a new one.
HDClone Free Edition

Image Viewers

2.FileZilla Ftp Server(client also very nice tool)

Screen Capture
FastStone Capture

Audio Editors

Html Editors
1st Page 2000 -

Text Editors

Zone Alarm -

Miscellaneous Tools
Duplicate File Finder
Starter ( StartUp Manger)

Set of Tools from Microsoft( previously know SysInternals)Sysinternals -

Nice work everyone... !

Information Usage Policy

Any code or information in here is provided as-is with no warranty of any sort. Please do not use any of the code in your production environment.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blog Dedicated To

This blog is dedicated to Service Men and Women who protects every one day and night and for all the physically and mentally challenged.

IIS Manager Crashes on Load/Start Windows 7, IIS 7.5

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