Sunday, March 11, 2007

ubuntu . . . you have to try

Linux operating systems usability has been changed a lot since I started using them in late nineties. It was a pain to even install Linux on a machine, forget using them for daily purposes. Thanks to many flavors of Linux for creating a easy partition tool for installing Linux.

After hearing the entire buzz about Ubuntu Linux, I want to try it and feel the operating system (Linux) for human beings.

Some of the following features I like the best in ubuntu is its vnc support, multi language support, ability to Remote Desktop to a windows machine, IPV6 support,open office2.0 and Keyboard shortcuts.

I wish I could write a lot about the features of ubuntu. As "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" I am going with pictures instead of words.

1.Keyboard Shorcut assigning screen

2. Context menu of a opened item in task bar.

3. Add Remove Applications

4.Synaptic package Manger

5. Accessories

6.Remote Desktop Connection Dialog

7. Remote Desktop Preferences

8.Sound & Video

9. Office (Open Office)

9. Internet

10. Graphics



13.Date and Time Settings

14. User Preferences

15 System Main Menu

16. Places


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