Saturday, April 7, 2007

Atx Power Supply for a Micro Atx MotherBoard

After long time , I had the oppurtunity to assemble a basic system for emails and word processing.I have never ordered a microAtx motherboard for a Atx Power Supply, but by mistake I did it this time.

I was thinking that there is only a phsical difference(dimensions) between a microAtx and Atx power supply, I didn't realize my assumption was wrong until I connected all my compenents and nothing worked.

There were no beeps nor the processor fan is working(no display) when I turned the computer on, but the power light turned on.

I ordered a new microAtx PS and everything worked fine except my microAtx PS didn't fit into the Atx Case.I had to search for the burried toolkit to make the PS fit into the case.

what a mess , for ordering one wrong component.

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