Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what am I without you

After seeing the title you might be thinking of "I'm all out of love" from Air Supply or Denny's Breakfast Commercial, but I am thinking of my RoboForm that saves me so much time and frustration of typing my details again and again on the web forms.

I use their free edition that can save upto 10 logins, hey its only 29 bucks to upgrade to their pro edition which has no limit how many login you can store and might have some extra stuff that free one dont have. Anyways RoboForm can store all your personnel information name,address,dob,credit cards,email . . . .and even your preferred account id(when you are registering on a new website) and password.Its clever enough when you go to a web form that has all the fields with a click of a button you web page is with what you want to type.

ssssh! , it has encryption built into it to protect your identity.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Am I the PROBLEM????????

I don't know if I am the problem or my stupid routers that are interfearing with other wireless devices are!. Moved to a new apartment and started setting up wireless network.Any of my three routers don't want to work how they supposed to work.Upgraded the firmware, change the lan ip to of my dsl modem having the and did many other things but couldn't make them work.

The three routers I bashed my head with are Dlink DI-524, Linksys-BEFW11s4 and Belkin -F5D7230.I don't know if there are any devices in the range interfearing with my routers and causing my bounding with my dsl router with a wire.

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