Subversion Apache Authorization File

Once authentication is done the next step is authorization,which is used to maitain permissions by creating groups or adding individual users to the projects or folders.

#Note: Active Domain accounts require "DomainName\username"
#Note: all usernames are case sensitive and should be created/entered in lowercase

admin = DomainName\svnadmin
managers = DomainName\manager1,DomainName\manager2
inhouse_developers = DomainName\developer1,DomainName\developer2
interns = DomainName\intern1
contracters= contracter1,contracter2,contracter3

# These are the permissions allowed for each PROJECT
# Note "/" assigns permission to the entire repository
# "/Test" assigns permission to only "/Test" project
#inhouse_developers has access to entire repository
#contractors has only access to Test Project
#admin has access to entire repository

@admin = rw
@managers = r
@inhouse_developers= rw

@inhouse_developers= rw
@contracters = rw


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