Saturday, September 20, 2008

Subversion Apache Authorization File

Once authentication is done the next step is authorization,which is used to maitain permissions by creating groups or adding individual users to the projects or folders.

#Note: Active Domain accounts require "DomainName\username"
#Note: all usernames are case sensitive and should be created/entered in lowercase

admin = DomainName\svnadmin
managers = DomainName\manager1,DomainName\manager2
inhouse_developers = DomainName\developer1,DomainName\developer2
interns = DomainName\intern1
contracters= contracter1,contracter2,contracter3

# These are the permissions allowed for each PROJECT
# Note "/" assigns permission to the entire repository
# "/Test" assigns permission to only "/Test" project
#inhouse_developers has access to entire repository
#contractors has only access to Test Project
#admin has access to entire repository

@admin = rw
@managers = r
@inhouse_developers= rw

@inhouse_developers= rw
@contracters = rw

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