Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vakati's IE Saver - To Save content from all open Webpages

There are times when I want to restart the computer but not close all the opened internet explorer sessions as I might want to view them later.This simple application writtten in can be used to save you from the afore mentioned scenario.IE Saver can not only save all the open links and restore them back with a click of button but also can store all the open pages content to a folder that can be viewed later offline with out a connection to the internet.Here is the link for it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple UI to Maintain Subversion (SVN) Authorization File

I really enjoyed the installation,configuration and using of Subversion as an alternate to Source Safe.SVN is really fast reliable scalable and TortoiseSVN can be used as a client to interact SVN server.

Configuring SVN is fairly easily especially with packages like visualsvn server,collabnet svn and many more.As you all might know in Subversion(SVN) granualar permissions on the projects can be done using a authorization file.Authorization file can be set using AuthzSVNAccessFile(svn-auth.conf) directive in httpd.conf file.You can create groups, add users to the groups, add groups and users to the projects in the authorization file.

I wrote this small and simple application to Manage/Maintain Users,Groups,Project Assignments in the authorization file using .net.I know this is not going to save a lot of time for all but it is handy at times, so I did it.Here is the link for it.

**This program is not tested properly hence you are responsible for testing and then using it on your production systems.Feedback is always welcome.

A Simple Attendance System - .net c# access

One time I had to create a small attendance system for a not-for-profit organization, even though this is a simple application it might be handy to use.Will be able to add your child/employee/equipment/shipping or any other things you want to track daily and mark their presence.

You can run daily and monthly reports.This application is written in c# and access 2003.

Here is the link to download the application binaries.

Feedback welcome.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Microsoft Treeview Nodes.AddRange

Have you ever tried to add nodes in the Microsoft Treeview using the AddRange method, it is not fun to do that as you cannot create a new TreeNodeCollection.After doing quite a bit of research we found a way to do this.Here is the trick. sample code:

Dim ndc as new list(of TreeNode)

For i as Integer = 0 to 10 step 1
Dim nd as new TreeNode
nd.text = "node " + i.tostring
Next 1


IIS Manager Crashes on Load/Start Windows 7, IIS 7.5

IIS Manager Crashes on Start  Windows 7, IIS 7.5, Power Shell 5.1. Here is the error I got in the event viewer. IISMANAGER_CRASH IIS Ma...