Saturday, January 23, 2010

DVR using a PC XBOX 360 and Silicon HDHomeRun

After wanting to create my own DVR setup for many days finally I got a chance to do it last night.I am really amazed by Microsoft Media Center and XBOX 360 capabilities.SiliconDust HDHomeRun is another amazing device that I came across.Using all these I was able to see my recordings and live tv on my PC.

Here are the components I used to make this
1.XBox 360 Pro 60gb HD
2.Windows 7 Ultimate Media Center PC
3.Linksys Router WTRG
4.Netgear WGR614v7
5.XBox Universal Remote
6.HDHome Run Dual Tuner Card
7.Terk HD Antenna

Lets start into going into details

1.Connect HDHome Run to the Router(1) that is connected to the Terk HD Antenna using a RF Splitter.

2.Download the HDHome Run setup software and let it discover the HDHomeRun on the network

3.Run the Windows Media Center and Run the setup it will automatically connect to the Daul Tuners on the HDHomeRun which is on the network.

4.Look at the following pic which has the entire setup.As the media center pc is in a different room than xbox 360 and hdtv so I have to use Linksys WRTG in a clientbridge mode to connect to a wireless router in another room.

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  1. Prakash,

    I am working on a similar setup and the only component missing is an Xbox. Since I am not much of a gamer, I have been looking at the $199 Xbox with 4GB Memory(no disk) version of Xbox.

    Can you share your experience with this setup? Especially with HD streaming experience. Is the UI snappy? What are the specs of your Media center PC?



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