Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Everyone knows how cool of a software svn is.Along with tools like visualsvn, tortoisesvn,ankh svn,svn monitor it makes you feel happy all day as with out being worried about your data.Like everyone else programmer/developers uses svn a lot in their daily routine for keeping revisions of their source files alongs with any other documentaion.When you want to find a change a colleague made in a file or wonder when that change is made, you have to almost reap through all the revisions of the file and use the diff tools/viewers open each revision and see if change is there.It is hectic time consuming when there are many revisions on a file and if there are lot of changes per revision.So I created this small utility to find when the text/change you are looking is made in a file.

Set SvnExeLocation and TortoiseExeLocation in the config.xml before using the application.

Get the code and binaries from the link below.

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