AT&T DSL Setup

OK, I switched from Uverse to DSL and opted for getting my own modem.But what I didn't realize is that only some modems are supported by AT&T.I bought Zyxel Prestige 600 Series 645 and tried to make it work with AT&T with no luck.Tried to logon to the device using telnet and set the user name and password,vci,vpi,multicasting and encapsulation.All the settings seems ok, I can see the modem stats but couldn't connect to at&t.

After days of struggling with the help of at&t representatives, I gave up and got SpeedStream 5100 modem along with Linksys WRT54g and was able to get on to the internet.Make sure you set the router to ppoe and set the username and password, plug the ethernet cable from the speedstream modem into the wan port and you should be able to get to the internet.


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