Tuesday, September 13, 2011


OK, I don't know who said Women are better at baking than men.Being a man I don't know if I want to agree on that after baking the motherboard of dell xps m1530.

At times you have to see things you want to beleive especially when there are so many people faking many things on the web, baking a motherboard in oven is one of those.

After 2 years of purchase of the dell xps m1530, it started to show black screen at me when I turned on the machine.Lights come on and cd/dvd drive seems to spin for a second but no display, connecting to the external display did not help either.

Did lot of searching on the Internet and many people out there have the same problem like me.It seems that the problem is coming from the poor design of the motherboard with a faulty nvidia graphics chip. Surprisingly people were saying heating the graphics chip area with a hair blower seems to fix the problem for a while. I cleaned the fan, removed the old thermal paste and put the new one on but still the problem existed.

Didn't give up, started searching on YouTube and found reflow seems to fix the problem.I read more about it and found lot of info on how to do it at home using a oven.

To do this I had to take the motherboard out of the laptop and remove all the stickers/labels on the motherboard so they don't burn when baking.Baked the motherboard at 356 F for about 8 Minutes and cooled it for about an hour before I put everything together.DO NOT move the motherboard after baking it, let it cool for while before moving it as it might cause the components fall off or move.

I put it together and it all seems working since then.

If you are trying this at home, you are doing it ON YOUR OWN RISK.

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