Sunday, January 27, 2013

V Image Mover - Copy/Move Images Making Easy

The first thing you might ask every time you see a software is "what is the need for it?".There are 100's if not 1000's of free softwares out there on the web for image organizing and browsing, how is this software different from them?.

I have personally used many of the free image viewers like Infranview, Slowview, Xnview,FastStone and many more.These softwares do lot more things than "V Image Mover" and provides several ways to move/copy your images from source to destination. However some of them are not quick while others are not very intuitive. So V Image Mover came to life and is solely targetted for moving/copying images.

Photography has been changed drastically in the last decade, with today's camera's and mobile devices you can take 10's if not 100's of pictures per minute. So there is lot of burden on us to selectively pick pictures that we like and keep them for our memories. Space is getting much cheaper every day, it doesn't mean that we should keep all those 1000's of pictures and never look at them again.

The next question is how will I end up with so many images when I could only import the pictures I want using my camera software. In an ideal world you would have time to pick the pictures you want right from the camera, but sometimes you are in a rush to dump all the pictures to a folder and freeup some space on the camera for your next creative photo shooting. Also not to mention that some of the camera softwares to import pictures doesn't support the sizing of thumbnails in the view and other features that you would like.

Thumbnail generation is done using and the the credit goes to them.
For license see

Installer will be published soon.


  1. Your software is great, can i get one copy to test, plesae?

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